What is The Pink Bowz?

In August of 2015, five high school girls came up with the idea of starting an organization that would benefit the community by supporting women battling breast cancer. Over the last two years, The Pink Bowz has been a club at Topsail High School as well as an independent organization. We have raised over $6,000 for seven women in the community that have been diagnosed with breast cancer. We have been apart of many fundraisers around the community, and if you would like to read about them you can see them here. We have even worked with Relay for Life of Pender County to support those battling all forms of cancers. In essence, The Pink Bowz is a group of high schoolers working to make a change in the life of their community – and we’re very happy with how far we’ve come.


The next chapter of our story lies in this 5K Color Run. We hope you consider donating or signing up to run! We anticipate raising enough money to support two women in the Hampstead – Wilmington area, and we could not do it without our community! If you would like to become a sponsor, please look at our “Sponsors” tab. If you would like to sign up to run, please click on our “Runners” tab.

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